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Vastu Shastra

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient vedic science related to construction of buildings, its orientation, internal and external design, architecture and much more. Vastu is a Sanskrit word that is derived from the word 'Vas' which means 'to live or reside' and so Vaastu means dwelling or place of residence.

Vaastu Shastra is described in Sthapatya ved (part of Atharva Ved).
The applications are:
1. House/Building for living
2. Shop/building for business
3. Plot of Land

Vaastu is effected by various aspects, such as colour of walls, type & positioning of furniture, paintings, location of door/windows, height of ceiling and so practically everything that is inside the Vaastu or house.

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Vaastu concerns to right from choosing a land for construction to internal detailed design and architecture of individual rooms.

While purchasing a plot for example the Vaastu study includes the following aspects:
1. Type of soil - its colour, smell, texture, fedrtility, moisture content etc.
2. Shape & Orientation of Plot - rectangular, square etc.
3. Angles of Plot - it's angles at corners
4. Position of Plot - with respect to roads
5. Slope and Level of Plot - in which direction the slope is
6. Environment & Location - consideration of nearby constructions like buildings/trees and other natural constructions like hills, pond etc., and proximity to water table beneath.

The purpose of Vaastu-shastra is to construct the building or house in such a manner that people can reside in harmony with the nature or external environment. The purpose is to balance of Pranic force of the Vaastu (or building/house) with the external environment to create a harmonious environment inside the Vaastu (or building/house) for the people living in it.If the Vaastu is in perfect harmony with the external environment, then the individual dwelling in the house are at more ease and harmony. Such a house brings in prosperity and happiness for its dwellers.

In earlier times when most people used to live in individual houses, they followed certain principles in construction, whenever possible. For Eg: In old houses, it would be often found that the house is East facing, the Kitchen is in South East direction and so on.

In recent times, people mostly live in apartments where it is not possible to have such kind of arrangement. Most of the times however, there are ways to correct Vaastu of house or office by simple methods.

Modern architecture creates building often based on purely aesthetics and mostly ignore the Vaastu . Problems related to Vaastu can be responsible for unhappiness and difficulty to its dwellers at various platforms. Error is Vaastu is known as Vaastu-dosh.  One of the main purpose of Vaastu shastra is to remove the Vaastu dosh.

Peace of mind, physical well being, success at workplace and propserity for family cannot be remain uneffected from the Vaastu. It's not surprising to see that with change of house sometimes people have sudden change of luck with unexpected growth and prosperity.

The matter comprises of five basic elements known as panch maha bhoot. And so our body as well is essentially made of these five elements. Any disbalance in the five elements causes the body to become weak or diseased. The other way around is if the body is diseased then the five elements are not in balance or harmony.

Vaastu also has five elements and Vaastu shastra is the science of achieving and maintaining a perfect balance between these five elements of Vaastu. Each person is different in the sense that some element (out of the five elements) would be more prominent than others, and that would be reflected in his body composition and his nature. So, a house that is auspicious to one person may not be necessarily be auspicious to same extent to other person.

Similarly, depending on the usage also the result may vary. For example a plot of land could be auspicious for business but may not for dwelling.

The purpose of Vaastu Shastra is not just to maintain the balance between the five elements of Vaastu with the external environment, but also to maintain the harmony between its dwellers and itself.

So, there are multiple aspects:
1. General - Is the Vaastu of a plot/house is good?
2. Purpose - Is the Vaastu good for specific purpose e.g for living/business?
3. Specifics - Is the Vaastu good for me?

Please note that Vaastu alone can't be responsible for a person's overall well being, however it can effect to a considerable extent. In other words, Vaastu can make sweet things sweeter and bitter things less bitter.

Vaastu Pataye is the deity of any Vaastu and among other things depicts the flow of energy in the Vaastu.

Any new construction should begin by performing Vaastu Puja of the land.

The directions/orientation has special significance in Vaastu. In general the East, North and North-East directions are considered auspicious for well-being and spiritual progress. These directions should be kept as open as possible (least construction) for unrestricted flow of energy and thereby for maximum benefit.