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Naam Karan- Best Name for Your Child

In India, individuals of various casts and religions have their own way of performing the naming ceremony or 'Naam Karan' of their child. Right from selecting a name for the baby to placing the baby in the cradle, every single thing is carried out by following the rituals to confer the baby with a good life. In Hindu families, the naming ceremony of a baby is generally scheduled on the twelfth day or forty days depending upon the traditions of each sub caste. In some Hindu families, some ceremonies and rituals are performed even before the baby naming ceremony. Some of them are conducted during the 5th or 6th day of the birth or the newborn child and it's called 'Panchvi' or 'Chhathi'. Such ceremonies are carried out to protect the newborn from evil spirits.

In Hindu naming ceremony of a child, several aspects are considered while naming the baby. The day and time of the baby naming ceremony is decided by the Pandits. The time and day decided is called 'Shub Muhurat' which is a favorable time for naming the baby. The letter with which the child is named is generally decided based on his/her kundali, birth time, positions of stars and planets etc, during the birth of the baby. Generally, a Pandit or an astrologer provides such letters with which the child is named.

Baby naming ceremony or Naam Karan as you would call in Hindi is conducted for welcoming, blessing and naming the newborn. Hindus carry out a lot of rituals during the child naming ceremony so that the child is conferred with good health, blessings of the god and a good life ahead. As per the Hindu traditions, it's absolutely essential to carry out these rituals during the naming ceremony of the child to make its future life successful.