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Recently got a Tarot Card Reading done by Jitendra Guruji. Was amazed at the accuracy of the prediction and the remedies performed gave very good results. He is now our family Guru. - Hiren Mehta, Mumbai

Guruji started the conversation with what my horoscope looks like, I do understand astrology to an extent but he explained what exactly has been happening in my life, without me telling him anything absolutely. He was so precise with his date calculation that it was beyond my belief. I'd called him to ask him when I'm getting my new job and when will I buy my house, the very next day onwards, there was this sudden uprise of a thousands of companies calling me for interviews. Today is the second day but I already feel that what he'd said is coming true. I'm yet to see the result of the rest of the questions I'd asked but he's now on my Guruji and he'll be a part of many decisions I make in my life now on. I feel so much in control of my life and I'm so happy overnight. Thank you soooo much Guruji. I owe you big time. Regards, - Sareeta, California

I approached Guruji for Face Reading. His readings were very accurate and predictions have all come true. Thank you Guruji - Samantha, Pune

I had approached Guruji for Tarot Card Reading. The readings were very accurate and helped me in making my important decision. Thank you - Anil Kamble, Mumbai

My husband had filed a Divorce and my marriage was almost over. Guruji helped me save my marriage. Today we both our very happy with two wonderful kids. Thank you Guruji - Rajeev Gupta, Pune

I had approached Guruji for Kundali Reading. I was totally amazed at the accuracy of his predictions about my past. All his predictions about my future has come true. Before making any important decision, i consult Guruji.
Thank you Guruji - Geeta Menon, London

I was facing huge business loss and financial crisis since past 5 years. Approached many astrologers, wasted money but saw no improvement. Then one day I found Guruji. He performed puja for me. Now am doing very well in my business. Thanks Guruji - Aman Singh, Delhi

We had marital issues and almost at the stage of divorce. Guruji's consultation and remedies helped us improve our relationship. Now we lead a very happy married life. Thank you Guruji - Aman and Supriya Thakur, Mumbai

Guruji helped me come out of my financial crisis. Thanks a lot - Nilesh, Pune

Graha Shanti done by Guruji really helped me - Manish Patil, Mumbai

Guruji's prediction that I will be changing the job in the month of January was accurate and I got a job in a very big company. - Anand Mohan, Bangalore

Guruji's predictions about my past was very accurate and your remedies has really helped me a lot. Now I have a good job and happily married with 2 kids - Alex, London